The Team



In 2011 Teymour Co-founded Pastweesy & Pizza La Bomba --two local grown fast food chains in Cairo, Egypt. This is where Teymour learned first-hand about the impact of food waste on the balance sheet.

What inspired Teymour to launch Bon Harvest was the data of the amount of food that is wasted and how inefficient the industry is. Doing his due diligence in the space he came along a documentary called Food Chains about farmers in the US. That was the moment Teymour founded Bon Harvest and realized the impact Bon Harvest an have on the Economy and on Food Waste.  

Teymour view’s business as an opportunity to improve society while providing access to products and service that consumers demand. Teymour started pursuing Bon Harvest full-time as of January 2016, hoping that Bon Harvest will be the largest online farmers market.

We are consumers, we love to consume, consume, consume, consume and consume without thinking about the consequences. Our generation is becoming more and more demanding we want everything now, we expect to always find the best of what were looking for and we barely think about the flip side of the coin. I am not any different,  however something changed me. 

I believe we need to empower the farmers; to do what they do best? Which is FARM!!!!




Frank, co-founder, was born and raised in a small town outside of St. Louis, MO. Three years after receiving both academic and athletic collegiate scholarships, he decided to stop his pursuit of education in the traditional sense and instead became a founding member of the tech startup, LockerDome.

Six years later, the company is profitable with healthy margins and on a multi-million dollar annual run rate. Most recently, he has been chosen as Vice President in order to grow the of which has seen much success in Europe with offices in Paris, London and New York. Frank has a history of building platforms which includes developing products, generating supply and demand, as well as management.



Anthony was born in Missouri. He has over 10 years of experience in the food industry. After experiencing massive food waste within the industry, he turned to solve the huge problem instead of adding to it. His two passions are people and food and he is convinced that Bon Harvest is on its way to bettering the existence of both. Someday he hopes to one day live off the grid and return to a place like his grandfather's farm to raise and grow his own food.  He will be spending a lot of time at farms, farmers markets, and speaking with farmers about their issues and coming up with resolutions.  

I initially moved to New York because it's the food mecca of the world. As a Business Management student I had a great interest in the startup scene, working for great food/tech startups like Savory. I was learning a lot about New York's food culture, but I was also learning about New York's wasteful behaviors. This is when I met Teymour and started doing my waste research. I knew right away that Bon Harvest was something that I could really stand behind and drive my passion to make a difference in the world.



Max has over 20 years of experience of Sales management, strategy, product development and operations in Consumer Product Groups (CPG), Foodservice or Big Box Retail industry. Max is  the head of our Bon Harvest Educators team, who educate wholesalers and sellers of the Bon Harvest Platform. Max is also our industry guru with the wealth of experience he brings to the Bon Harvest team.